SCCM query to check Task Sequence variables not present on a Distribution Point during OSD

Hello Friends

This post is quick query which is very handy during operating system deployment (OSD). At times we do OSD in multi-site environment and all the variables of task sequence are not present on local DP, resulting in failure of task sequence. You need to distribute all the variables to local DP for running task sequence. So how will you know which all variables are not distributed yet? You can run below query for the purpose:

select ReferencePackageID from v_TaskSequenceReferencesInfo where PackageID =’xxx’
select PackageID from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm where ServerNALPath='[“Display=yyy]

Replace xxx with package id of task sequence and yyy with ServerNALPath of DP. How you will find ServerNALPath? Just run

select * from v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm

and it will list all ServerNALPath. Copy the DP you are looking for. Easy, isn’t it ? 🙂

So, this is all in this post. I will be back with some other technical posts. Stay tuned.


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