Windows 10 in Cloud Configuration

Hello friends

Hope this post finds you in best physical and mental health. This is indeed the most we need in current scenario when virus is teaching us power of mathematical compounding. Isn’t ?

But we are warriors and will never stop. So here comes a new post. This is about Microsoft recommended configuration, called Windows 10 in cloud configuration. There might be few hardware profiles (or departments) in your company who don’t need too many apps and settings. They just need email, teams and maybe few business apps. How do you manage them? Do you provide them full blown OS with Windows store, all the common applications and GPOs? Isn’t this unnecessary? And if these devices go to internet, they become unmanageable too. Frustrating stuff.

Windows 10 in cloud configuration is the solution for these types of profiles. It is a simplified configuration from Microsoft which enables

  • Device management using Intune
  • User data configuration by setting up OneDrive automatically with known folder move
  • Edge and Teams delivery and configuration
  • Apply security and compliance settings
  • Configure Windows 10 update.
  • Optional configuration and business application deployment.

One important point to note is that cloud configuration is standardized configuration and it not an edition of Windows 10, neither it has dependency on any hardware. It can be applied to Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education edition.

Microsoft has simply defined the key differentiators between tradition and cloud configuration approach in below table:

Here is more information about cloud configuration:

They also have a deployment guide there which you may utilize.

I hope you will find cloud configuration a suitable fit for few of your hardware profiles or customers. So this was all in this post. I will see you soon with some other cool stuff. Till then, take care of yourself and keep the spirit high 🙂


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