DNS Application Partition Contents using Powershell

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I hope this post finds you in good health and spirit. I was busy in some powershell assignment recently, and it gave me good idea to see content of application partition using “powershell eye”.Its lazy night here at Infy Mysore center so thought to use my time meaningfully. And here we begin.Powershell capabilities can be extended using modules. There is a module for AD too so you need to import it. Use Import-module cmdlet for it.



It will create PSDrive for AD. PSDrive can be considered as data drive like regular drives (C:,D: etc.) but these drives exist only inside powershell. You can’t see them in windows explorer.  So, don’t try to find them there.

Once you have this drive you can uses regular “dir” and “cd” commands to browse data. So start by  changing drive to  AD drive and start browsing.

So here is what inside “ForestDNSZone”. This replicates in whole forest and remember you need to use “cd” to change directory and “dir” to see contents.



and this is what you have in “DomainDNSZone”.


So, isn’t it simple. By the way you have you seen ObjectClass of Zone and records. If not go up and check it again.

So, that’s all in this blog. See you again with some other technical stuff. But not before Sunday, “IPL FINAL “.

By then take good care for yourself.




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