Microsoft peer cache technologies comparison

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In this post we will discuss about peer cache technologies from Microsoft mainly in reference to CM. This is very relevant as Windows 11 is already at door and anyways large feature and other updates are bottleneck for low bandwidth locations. These are number of Microsoft technologies which can help in these situations and already detailed blogs are on internet covering them. In this post we will discuss their comparison and limitation. This will give a picture abut how to use them in combination for effective solution.

These technologies can be of two types:

  1. Bandwidth management
  2. Peer to Peer Sharing
TechnologyBandwidth ManagementPeer-to-Peer sharing
Delivery OptimizationYY
Peer CacheXY

Lets discuss these technologies in terms of features.

FeaturesPeer CacheBranch CacheDelivery Optimization
Support multiple subnetsYesNoYes
Bandwidth throttlingNo (Bits dependent)No (Bits dependent)Yes
Peer DiscoveryThrough Management PointBroadcastDO Cloud service
Peer cache discoveryManual (Client settings)AutomaticAutomatic
Distribute CM contentAll CM contentAll CM contentWindows updates, drivers, store apps
Distribute Intune contentNoNoYes, for Windows update
OS deployment – PXENoNoNo
Wake on peers for contentNoNoNo
CM content pre-cachingYesNoNo
Share content while downloadingNoYesYes
No need of CM boundary groupNoYesYes

BITS is used by Branch Cache and Peer Cache for bandwidth throttling but it works on available bandwidth at local adapter. Hence it has no sight of end-to-end network bandwidth and can increase congestion in few cases.

LEDBaT is another solution for bandwidth throttling and can be enabled on Distribution points. But it has minimum OS requirement for DP. Also it runs at server side and client side throttling is not possible.


As we can see that all these technologies have few limitation so Microsoft recommends to use combination of them.

DO+ Branch Cache + Peer Cache

That’s all in this post. Hope you enjoyed the content and till the time we meet with some other technical content, take good care of yourself.


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