Work Folders for Android released

Hi Friends

This post is to inform you about a new development in reference to Work Folders. If you are not familiar with this technology, Work Folders feature was introduced in Windows 2012 R2 and is basically a technology which enable users to access their data from personal devices. When Work folders was first introduced, Microsoft gave this solution for Windows 8.1 devices and promised that soon there will be support for Windows 7, Apple devices and Android devices. They gave support for Windows 7 and Apple devices long ago but we had to wait for Android device support. Finally they have given support for Android devices. For more info check here:…/work-folders-for-android-released

Here is blog post for iPads:

This is for Windows 7:…/work-folders-for-windows-7

I was really looking for this feature. Hope its helpful for you. Thanks for being with me and see you soon with some other technical stuff.

PS: I get lot of queries regarding Work Folders in my training session so soon will write a complete blog on it.



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