List of New features of Windows 2016

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Hope this post finds you in best of health and spirit. The latest server operating system from Microsoft is Server 2016 and recently I got opportunity to work on the product and provide training on it. A common question in all these training was Why should we migrate to Windows 2016 ? “. And answer to this question because Windows 2016 has lot of new and improved features. Isn’t ?

In this post I will not discuss these features rather list them and in coming posts will take top features and describe them as per requirement. So, its kinda list of new features for reference. As ground is set so lets get rolling.

New features of Server 2016:

  1. Nano Server
  2. Nested Virtualization
  3. Windows Server container and Hyper-V container
  4. Docker support
  5. Hot add and hot remove virtual memory and network adapters from virtual machines
  6. Shielded virtual machine
  7. Linux secure boot
  8. Rolling upgrades for Hyper-V and storage clusters.
  9. Start order priority for clustered virtual machines

  10. Cloud witness
  11. Powershell 5.0
  12. Powershell Direct
  13. Windows Defender
  14. Control flow guard, Device guard, credential guard, Remote credential guard
  15. Software defined networking (SDN)
  16. Storage space direct
  17. Storage replica
  18. AD support for privileged access management (PAM), support for Azure AD Join, along with support for Microsoft Passport.
  19. Improvement in ADDS, ADCS, ADFS and Web Application Proxy. Since improvement word is vague, I am adding reference of few articles with specific information.

I will keep on expanding this list by adding more features as I got to unfold them. See you all soon with some other technical stuff till then take great care of yourself

Thanks to all my viewers to make our blog cross benchmark of more than 15000 views. Its very pleasing and satisfying to see that this blog is doing justice to its existence.

Merry Christmas in advance !!! 🙂



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