That email could be just a reaction :) – Avoid email junk through Outlook reactions

Hello friends

Hope you are doing good. How many times do you receive a single word (yes, alright, looks good…)email reply ? Any how many times there are multiple receipts? I do get a lot and hopefully you have similar experience. Things are well settled in Teams through emotions. Good news, Outlook has reactions to help.

Outlook reactions

Microsoft has added “reactions” in Outlook which allows you to react to an email message without having to send a reply email. So, instead of sending a reply of appreciation by email, you may just use a reaction. There are six reaction available at the time I am writing this post – Thumbs up, Hearts, Celebrate, Laugh, Surprise and Sad with different shades which may increase in future.

How to use them

You will find reactions at the top right cornet of email.

So next time you have reactions to convey your emotions. Email sender would see these reaction on their mail as well as in notification. Hovering over reaction would tell you the name of person who has reacted.

Few important points

  • Reactions is only available to people in same tenant
  • Reactions cannot be disabled per user
  • Reaction are enabled by default
  • Reaction is rolled out with December 2022 update. You need to be updated till this version to use them.

So that’s all in this post. Hope to see you soon with some other technical stuff. And yes that last mail could be just a reaction 🙂


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